Course Goal:
Use expressive arts to explore and embed extraordinary secrets into your life, increasing your hopefulness and your effectiveness. 

Very effective for those of us who feel pain or are depressed, anxious or numbed by the huge problems and stresses of this world. 
Embodied (experiential ) processes allow us to bypass our familiar stories and thoughts.
You are likely to be impressed with your own wisdoms/insights, and to find yourself feeling, moving and thinking in freer and more life-affirming ways.

Be willing to be here and see what happens.
This is an experience that your inner child is invited to share in, with a "Yes let's do it!" approach. No need to "be artistic".
Using a variety of arts materials, all provided. 

Each session takes a tool from my book CONNECTIONS, and explores it in an expressive arts way. 

All these tools are
*  Proven by cutting edge science, and they show our logical brains that they don't have all the answers.
*  Gentle and heart based.
*  To support and develop your creativity and intuition - your powerhouse.
*  Assisting you to live a purposeful life.
*  Acknowledging the truth of
*  Non religious,non political etc etc, though respecting the interdependence of all people and all life.

We Are All Connected
It's Not You! It's Our World!!
The Golden Place
Compassionate Action

11am to 1pm Tuesdays, 
Nov 21, 28  Dec 5,12

Healing Station, Seaford.
A short walk from Seaford Station.

Your Contribution:
$30 per session or
$100 for all 4 sessions
and, of course, your presence

If you resonate with this course, we'd love you to join us.

Some of the Images made during this course

Your body isn't supposed to hurt, or be ill, feel odd, numb, or as though you're not connected to it.

Any of those are warning signs, trying to get your attention.

I have tens of thousands of massage hours since 1991. I use my Swedish Therapeutic Massage training, and my broad experience and intuition to tune into your body, and help bring it back to ease, and back to you.

Please remember, it is not age that causes pain and dis-ease, it is lack of maintenance. Our bodies don't come with individual handbooks, but I'm keen to support you on your journey of discovery to abundant wellbeing.

A plant is serenading me as I sit and type this. 

Some of us talk to plants. How often do we listen to them?

If you hear a plant communicating to you through beautiful music, would it remind you that we are connected to plants? What if it is your plant, perhaps one that has seen your through many years?

What if a plant tunes into you and then plays music to remind you who-you-really-are, and so helps to bring you back to wholeness, balance and health?

No need to rely on other’s conclusions, here is your chance to experience it, and decide for yourself.

This warmly written, enjoyable book shows how science now proves the truth of who-we-really-are, allowing us to perform what most of us would consider miracles.

Obtain your own copy directly by contacting me. $20 incl p&h in Australia.
Or online in Europe at Ex Libris   
or at Powells

"...Your writings have affirmed many ideas and beliefs for me, and, more importantly, given me the gifts of ways to work differently with difficult areas in my life ."
Jennifer H-S.

"An encouraging and practical guide in living out of my imagination. Thanks Regina in reminding me to focus on my potential."
- Neika Huss
Creative Dance & Yoga Teacher