reconnection, reconnection, RECONNECTION.

I am repeating myself. All the time. "Reconnect", I say. We can do it in so many ways. Through massage or other touch, being present in our bodies, being more conscious, creating and expressing in a myriad of ways, connecting with nature, being aware of energy: our own and other energy around us.

To me reconnection answers most concerns.
Do any of these happen to you, and you feel stuck, even for a while?

Dissatisfied? Is your sparkle less? Lonely? Depressed? Sad?  Frustrated? Angry? Hurt? Unsure? Envious? Anxious? Sick? Tired? Burnt out?

These occur when we are disconnected. When we are "out of touch" with ourselves, our deepest longings and inner guidance, and our true power and abilities. In fact often our greatness has been hidden from us.

So, as I keep saying, the power, joy and answers are in the RECONNECTION. .. I'll see you there!

(thanks to artist: 10binary)