Is life feeling dull?

Is your Life feeling dull? The sparkle slowly disappeared without you realising?

Last week I noticed that I was behaving badly. Addictive food behaviours were rising up. Suddenly I wanted to see how many of foods I could cram into myself that my body doesn’t tolerate. So the thoughts (more likely thoughtless impulses) go..”Perhaps now I can suddenly tolerate those foods….in fact a heap of them… and as snacks too!  And while I’m going for it I’d love a lot of sugar too... And it will all be fine.

Funnily I held up for a while, but eventually I didn’t feel as good: some pains, a bit of foggy brain, some wilder emotions.

Now I think that I was doing this partly because I’d lost touch with my joi-de-vivre. Life had been feeling more like chores than wonder stores. 

The BIG CLUE was that I felt a pang of envy as a dear friend was talking about some adventures in her life. Fortunately I noticed the feeling in my gut. Envy is such a tell-tale sign. These were things that I wanted to do too.

And then she said that each day brought her amazing surprises. She expected and sought them. She knows that she is a creator. We are all creators. 

It had been a while since I’d set daily intentions. So I said there and then, out loud.. “Dear universe please send me good, wonderful surprises every day. And I mean every day, from now on!” Then I felt a lightness, almost a tickle across the back of my neck, up to my ear lobes, and between my shoulder blades. The quiet joy and anticipation was back. That was three nights ago. Each day since then has had increasing surprises, joys and some actual gifts. 

The moral of the story is remember to ask for what you want. Be clear with yourself. State your intentions. Understand that we shape the material world by our expectations. 

This one minute video gives some good tips Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup For the Soul series.

Your beliefs may be opposite of this. If so find out more about applied quantum physics…. All this and much more has been proven. At this link of wisdom channeled by Esther Hicks you are told how to test the universe.You can start here if you like (8:35  - first few minutes outlines it all)