Run away fast!!

When a physician diagnoses you, but can provide you with no reason why you have that illness/imbalance, then that is not a person who can help you. Run away fast, and find someone who can explain the problem and the solution. If how your imbalance occurred is a mystery to them, and there is no causation in their mind, other than “bad luck”, then there is no way they can help to bring your health back to balance. And that includes all kinds of physical health, mental health and emotional health.

I have always felt this, and its taken me on a good course. It's tricky of course when we don’t realise that we are dealing with imbalances. Our organisms work so well to maintain balance, that symptoms can often be masked. And we are all unique.
. .. The point is, eventually you notice that there’s a problem, and you go to the people who have shown they have answers, and when you get some informed help. it is of huge value!!