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SOLD OUT | Feeling Yucky is Just a Habit - Webinar - part 2 of 2

  • Saturday, July 16, 2016
  • 6:00pm EST - see other time zones below let's feel something much better!!

Join me for 2 webinars to find your solutions
Speaking from experience, it's much easier than most of us expect. You still have inner treasures you haven’t fully used.

You will be able to do this EVEN IF you feel:

  • you’re stuck too far down the wrong road to make a change.
  • skeptical, because you’ve already tried somethings that haven’t worked
  • too old 
  • too young
  • too sensitive or emotional for this to work. You will find special benefits!

I’ll share plenty of tools and proof to show you it can be just as easy for any of us,at any age. Then we’ll begin to write a happier ending into your life story.

Phone or skype into this webinar, in 2 parts, so we take time to create great new habits

  • Part 1   Sat, Jul 9, 2016      4pm Pacific, 5 MT, 6 CT, 7ET     11pm UK, 12am CET,    And in Sydney Sun July 10, 9am
    Part 2   Sun, Jul 16, 2016   4pm Pacific, 5 MT, 6 CT, 7ET     11pm UK, 12am CET,   And in Sydney Sun July 17, 9am

$USD 10 for each webinar or $15 for both