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Chapter headings: a glimpse of
"CONNECTIONS: toolkit for living in an energetic field of love"

1.  A field of love: what, why and how
2.  You’ve already proven it to yourself, but didn’t realise
3.  Our connections create our world
4.  What you believe is true! Yes, really
5.  Tune in and read the signs
6.  Caring for your physical self
7.  Caring for the rest of yourself
8.  When you block your bad feelings, you block your good ones too
9.  Feeling yucky is just a habit
10. HELP, the world’s not going the way I expected
11. Working with others… from hiding to thriving
12. Playfulness in your life
13. Creating our new futures by feeling and visioning

Review by Barbara Van Sant, 
author of Happy2B-Aging: A Creative Workbook.

Connections is more than a toolkit- Connections is packed full of life changing exercises, information and guides for self reflections and more.
Pick any page and you will be treated to an opening to learning.  Learning about self-care, self love, generate more love, kindness, peace and harmony.  Connections present tools to help you along the path.
The book is easy to read, and you can pick and choose from the linkable table of contents just what you want to go explore.
Tools are given for ways to stop feeling yucky, to change your own brain, to feel happiness and appreciation. The tools and much of the information is backed by scientific research, and Regina gives links to go learn and explore deeper on our own if you feel compelled to do so. 

This book taught me to remember to re-member. To slow down and enjoy each moment. Be thankful for all that surrounds me. Be grateful  that I can take deep breaths, and savour the day. The book offered so many tools and ideas for times when I might be less than kind to myself, and ways to gently stop that non-sense.
There are “grade yourself” pages in the book to help you asses your current and your desired ways of being. There are numerous exercise to do that really build and strengthen your own Connections to yourself, to joy, to ease.