Ways to benefit yourself, others, and your world-improving projects, using scientifically verified universal truths...

...we are all connected in a world that is a web of connection and intelligent response.



This content is designed to be of use to you,
especially if you feel you are any of these:
.. empathic
.. too old
.. too sensitive or emotional for this to work (You will find special benefits!)
.. too young
.. feel a "bit different" and can feel life is hard to handle
.. sensitive to other's distress, pain or inequity
.. sensitive to distress of animals, plants and mother nature
.. visionary, seeing better and kinder ways to do things
.. stuck too far down the wrong road to make a change
.. skeptical, because you’ve already tried some things that haven’t worked

In a nutshell: sensitive, empathic, emotional, feel different, stuck, visionary.

All of us are precious, have special gifts, and are here to share them with others.

Are you looking for more keys to unlock and use your gifts?


Regina Orchard, via her diverse life and curiosity, brings many riches to share with you. Her treasure box includes community building, arts and massage therapies, permaculture design, clowning around, wellness and sustainability facilitation,  and occasional earth angel cameos

Regina's Brief History

As I reached adulthood, I looked around me and was shocked to notice how poorly designed so much of our world was. There are some wonderful exceptions in every facet of  life, and in every country. But on the whole I felt we could do so much better in education, preventive health, personal consciousness, environment, passive solar design, great design generally, treating our world as precious and working with nature, again becoming people rather than "consumers", less blame, crime, cruelty, greed and such. 

There are wonderful answers available and as a world society we are so slow to reach for them. Even slower to agree.
In my early 20's I was actively involved with so called "alternative movements", from natural health and whole living foods, to tai chi, gardening, bicycle power and performance using awareness of Time, Space and Energy, and of course the fledgling design system of Permaculture. which was based on observations of natural systems. It was a world of potential, but I didn't feel it was fair to bring a child into a world in such a mess.

In my 30's, then a mother (yes I know LOL, surprises happen to us all) I ventured into the wellness areas, building a range of skills, beginning with therapeutic massage. During this time particularly, I  found  myself alternately being guided intuitively, and denying that intuition. I had so many times when my "knowing" was confirmed by others, and still I returned to the logical view which denied it. Have I mentioned that I began my working career as a computer programmer? The power of logic was strong in me. Our whole education is strongly skewed to logic, and away from the arts and the creative process. But more of that another time. The point is that many, many people have faced this same inner conflict.

In fact while writing this book, I'm already surprised at how many people have shared things that are so outside our current logical framework, telling me that they have either NEVER told anyone this occurrence before, or that they tell very few people about it, for fear of no one understanding, and  they basically expect to be ridiculed.

There is a lot more to this story, and I hope you have a feel for where this book is heading. I hope you will either be shocked and delighted, or you will sigh with relief that you can come out from under the wet blankets, look joyfully at the sun, in an easy state of awareness, and join with others to create a wonderful piece of our wonderful world.